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Mental Health Awareness, Homelessness, Safe Driving

Topic: Mental Health Awareness

Position: Realizing that Mental illnesses ARE normal

Audience: People without knowledge of Mental Illnesses (Teens specifically)

Style tiles

This semester has by far been the most difficult of its kind. Having to learn things in classes that you would probably have a better time learning in person is a really difficult thing. I think overall I learned some stuff. I thought that CSS and HTML were quite interesting…

Topic: Portfolio

Content: All work completed as of current including classwork and commissions

Pages: Home, Works, About Me, Contact


Slideshow of all current work

About Me

Education and Photo of me


Social Media, Email


  • How to start streaming
  • How to go on an exchange trip
  • Planning a trip to Japan
  • Bagpipes

I think the most fun topic to do would be the exchange trip one.

  • Main Page

Would consist of an introduction to being an Exchange Student

Subpages would include:

  • How to get started
  • How to choose a destination
  • What to pack
  • Important websites for exchange

The important Websites for exchange would have links to blogs, lists, and travel sites.

The general plan is to have the background move as you scroll through the page. I plan on have 3 different headers, with the main type being heading 1, the subheading as heading 2, and all the other heading as heading three. I of course will have the body consistent through the website. I change that isn't reflected on this image is the addition of a footer and some space before the 1st heading. The sidebar is located to the right, and all the footer links are after the final body paragraph.

Erika Goss

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