This semester has by far been the most difficult of its kind. Having to learn things in classes that you would probably have a better time learning in person is a really difficult thing. I think overall I learned some stuff. I thought that CSS and HTML were quite interesting and kept me intrigued. However, I constantly found myself struggling with getting things right. I feel like there is a gap in drawing up mocks and actually presenting it in a website format. I personally found Webflow to be much easier, though I think there should have been more information on it because at times I still found myself struggling with it. I think that some of the projects were helpful, but doing things like the recipe project three times felt unnecessary and could be condensed into one cohesive project versus 3 separate warmups. I definitely think we should have spent more time in Dreamweaver, I feel like a lot of the coursework was rushed which made me feel like I wasn't learning stuff in the capacity I should.

I think something that could be changed are the times in which projects are introduced. With Project one, I felt prepared to do it, though I stressed that I wouldn't have time mostly due to starting Project 2 development. I think something to take into consideration is flexible due dates for process work. I have had a better and more meaningful experience when I'm not forced to process work on time-sensitive deadlines.

All in all, I didn’t have the worse experience, but I was not expecting web design to be as complicated as it was. I think some people are truly more print-based than web-based, and I definitely fall into that category.